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It is our pleasure to present to you a collection of kind words we have received from our clients. Over time, their encouraging comments make us better at what we do. Please take a few minutes to read through what they have to say about Lifeline Nursing.

“My family has been extremely fortunate to have Eliza as my mother’s caregiver. She performs her job’s duties with great care and kindness. She also has been very proactive with helpful suggestions. As a bonus, she is a wonderful companion and we all have tremendous respect and affection for her.”

Client 2013 (Private Duty)

“Thanks for sending Lulu to take care of my mother.  She performs her job with great care and compassion. She is also a wonderful companion and we love her very much. My family has been very lucky to have her as mom’s caregiver for the past two years.”



“Lifeline threw my mother a life line. If it had not been for your service, my mother would have ended up in a nursing home; which is something she did not want. The lifeline employee that was assigned to my mother was just superb. Keep up the Good work. “



“At first we were hesitant about hiring a live-in caregiver but that was exactly what we needed. Our caregiver from Lifeline Nursing was someone who made our lives comfortable and manageable. She saw to it that all of our daily activities ran smoothly and that our medication were taken on time. Thank you Lifeline Nursing.”



“We lived in South Carolina and needed full time care for a short time for my 73 year old Father.  He had fallen and lost use of his right leg for a while.  After calling a number of places, we decided to go with Lifeline Nursing as we got a very good feeling after speaking with their office staff.  The caregiver sent by Lifeline turned out to be a perfect match for my Dad.  The aide, Robin, was great.  Not only did she get along with my mother, she loved my Mom’s dog and ended up taking care of it too.  We would highly recommend Lifeline Nursing”



“I feel much better since your company started providing services to my uncle. I am getting a good night’s sleep! Bill and Susan have been caring and dependable. Uncle Ed loves them.”



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